Sunday, April 09, 2006


Ok, updating the AFC Challenge Cup in Bangladesh. Kyrgyzstan have now progressed to the quarter-finals after a solid 2-0 victory over Macau and the last 8 line-up is complete: Sri Lanka v Chinese Taipei, Tajikistan v Bangladesh, India Under 20s v Nepal and Kyrgyzstan v Palestine.

So yes, Kyrgyzstan get to face Palestine. Now, this may cause some divided loyalties among some of you. I know the Palestinians have had a rough time of it, and I’m very sympathetic to their cause (hey, down with Israel etc), but come on, this is football, and the plight of the refugees in the camps has to take second place for now. I want you all behind the Kyrgyz team. And they’re going to need your support. In Fahed Attal, they have the tournament’s top scorer (admittedly he did get five of those in Palestine’s 11-0 thrashing of Guam). But still, it’s going to be a tough game.

The game is taking place today at some point. For those with even a passing interest in the tournament, they can go to the Wikipedia site here. In the meantime, I’ll sit and wait for the result and ponder on why India, rather insultingly in my view, only sent their Under 20s side to the tournament


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